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biodynamic farming and gardening across Australia – letter from the director

Biodynamics2024 cultivates biodynamic agriculture across Australia. Supported by this environmentally sound, science-based method, farmers achieve viability and produce high quality food and fibre, while simultaneously retaining their autonomy as respected stewards of the land.

Biodynamics2024 provides ecologically sound practices for all gardeners. Gardens not only secure green sanctuaries among urban sprawl – but also habitats for native flora and fauna. Biodynamic homegrown fruit and vegetables secure high quality, cost effective, nutrition, while reducing the impact of foodmiles on the environment.

2014 Biodynamics Calendars
The 2014 Antipodean Astro Calendars are now available and I am offering them at an early bird rate of $25, including postage, for orders received before 31st October.

If you send an email to office@biodynamics2024.com.au I will send you an invoice with payment details for direct deposit (preferred), cheque or credit card.

Moon opposition saturn is on the 20th October and the 17th of November.

The 4th to the 30th October is a good time for burning animal peppers

Preparation order form B2024 order sheet

Upcoming Workshops

21 September 2013

Introduction to Biodynamics & Farm Fertility

Mulloon Creek Natural Farms, Bungendore, New South Wales

22 September 2013

Biodynamics Management and Planning

Mulloon Creek Natural Farms, Bungendore, New South Wales

23 September 2013

Advanced Biodynamic Practices

Mulloon Creek Natural Farms, Bungendore, New South Wales

A complete workshop schedule is available here.

soilAgri-Culture and Food
Biodynamics2024 strives towards a broader understanding of soil cultivation and its importance for human nutrition. We only have one Earth; we are all dependent on water, air and light. Working together, we can achieve a viable, sustainable world, which provides our physical and mental nutrition, supports growers caring for the land, and respects generational equity.

Horn Shares
One important characteristic of biodynamics is the capacity of farmers to produce their own soil fertility requirements using cow horns. Cow horns have become a rare commodity in Australia; this presents a challenge.

Your support in securing a good supply of horns for autumn burial will be greatly appreciated by many farmers, gardeners and consumers across the country. For more details and an application form visit Horn shares (PDF)

Farmers are the Solution
There is growing attention being directed to the environment and climate change. It is the farmers and gardeners who have greatest opportunity to restore soil moisture, regenerate the environment and reverse the build up of carbon dioxide. Further details (PDF)

Biodynamic Agriculture as a Global Solution to Climate Change
The econcomic case for the contribution biodynamic growers can make to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is clear. View http://bio-agriculture.org/ and see the benefits for farmers and the world community.

Biodynamics2024 Pty Ltd – about the company
For an outline of the objectives, structure and associative direction of the company, please read about the company (PDF).

For case studies on landscape regeneration in practice

visit http://www.soilsforlife.org.au/

Need Help with your preparation spraying?

For NSW and Victoria contact Shane Martin, Nungra Gardens. 0421 228 499

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