Glyphosate – its long-term impact on Soil Health

The two papers linked here provide important information on studies and research outcomes on what has been called the “train wreck” caused by the use of Glyphosate.

Micronutrient deficiency

Crop nutrient interactions


Soil Carbon – putting Carbon back where it belongs

Carbon is naturally sequested in topsoil via biological processes surrounding actively growing roots of pasture grasses and cereals. Encouraging these processes is cheap, efficient, and ecologically beneficial.



Brain Changes – research article

Stimulating commentary on research findings relating to human brain changes over recent decades.



Organic Agriculture Can Feed the World

Data from the advanced agricultural economies of North America, Australia and Europe show that best practice organics can deliver equal to and significantly better yields than current conventional agricultural practices.



Can recycling save the Baltic Sea?

The role of Agriculture – 12 points summarise the:

main conclusions from the BERAS

Based on the executive summary and printed reports available from:


Biodynamic Soil Health

Compelling and informative Powerpoint presentation and accompanying text commentary – our thanks to Deanna Forster for making this material available.

Powerpoint presentation

Text commentary


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