Rudolf Steiner began with the question that was in everyone’s minds at that time of the First World War: what can I do in this crisis? and answered simply and directly: Endeavour to understand! See through things! Thoughts, he said, are forces and have effects. What people think is far more important than what they do, because thoughts become deeds in the course of time. We live today on the thoughts of past times; these thoughts are fulfilled in the deeds of today. Clear and proper understanding of what is going on is the only way – Nothing else is of any use. We need wide-awake vigilance and discrimination in all things …

Lecturer Terry Boardman on Coronavirus and Cosmology: The Study of World Events >>

The time we live in calls us to become more individual, to then, from a position of autonomy, d– as a free deed – become social.  Coercion is not the same activity as community building.  In these covid times, whatever the health issues are, the most important thing is for us to maintain and exercise our Humanity and not allow ourselves to dissolve into factions and polarisations.  Respect and openness to the needs of others can quieten the fear and grow an informed dialogue.

Here are 3 articles worth a read.

  • My Body is Mine articulates the challenges and responsibilities we carry being in a physical body
  • The Dark Tunnel of Covid is a report from someone who has experienced contracting Covid. 
  • A Medicalised Society challenges us to consider a wider consideration of the issues at stake.
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