While Biodynamics2024 sells preparations to support the adoption of this method, my intention is that you develop the knowledge and skills to make your own preparations. Remember, this is all about putting you back at the creative centre of your farm or garden with the greatest autonomy. You best known your ‘place’ and the preparations made by you, on your land, carry the unique dynamic interplay of your farm organism. Preparation making is a great communal and cultural activity you can share with other growers, peers, and consumers in local groups. 

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Benefits of Sharing the Preparation-making

First and foremost, the benefit of local practitioners and supporters coming together twice a year, is incalculable. Use these opportunities to deepen your knowledge, share experiences and new insights, and celebrate outcomes – even challenging seasonal outcomes that weren’t “good” as they can be the best teachers, especially when we discover we are not the only ones learning the lesson. It’s a chance to speak with and listen to peers about what you’ve learned from the preparations, how they’ve affected your AgriCulture, ideas, trials, and research, you’re doing or might like to explore. Bringing biodynamic thinking and consciousness to these successes and challenges benefits everyone.

Secondly, making your own preparations frees them from commercialisation and market forces. Rudolf Steiner gave these preparations to us so we can help Nature to survive and evolve.  Creating the preparations as a gift to the Earth and to each other supports us to develop as human beings, stimulates individual soul/spiritual development and increases the well-being of the community.

Thirdly, this is a way of doing and experiencing together while developing our independence through the actions of our hands. The importance of doing something ourselves becomes strikingly obvious if we think what it would be like to delegate the stroking of our children’s hair to ‘paid person’. We’d feel, immediately and strongly, that this will not work, it will never have the same effect or meaning – now apply this insight to the making of your preparations. Using our hands to make and apply the preparations (at least to some extent) is so important because we are using our own will. Our will is highly individualised and deeply connected to our destiny. To engage our will means we invest our highest quality and bring this into the deepest, most direct, individual relationship to or farming organism in support of Nature.

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Enquiries contact Hamish on 0412 862 823.

Resource: Need Help with your biodynamic preparation spraying?

For NSW: contact Shane Martin 0421 228 499
For Victoria: contact Steve Kapolice 0407 640 495

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