This is the third time I have been involved in changing Australian agriculture and in my experience substantial change takes 20 -30 years – a generation. My objective is that biodynamics be the farming method of choice by 2024 in Australia. This date looms on the horizon; I’m confident that we will see more change in Australian agriculture than we have seen in decades.

My passion for biodynamics, particularly the possibility of building humus into soils and developing a drought tolerance across Australia, was sparked after experiencing severe drought in the 1960’s. It was expanded as I recognised that farmers can regain control of their farm economy and restore self- and community respect through the quality food and fibre they produce. In time, I realised that biodynamics is about nutrition, principally human nutrition, but including environmental health and well-being and have come to recognise that biodynamics leads to the re-imagining of our economic life. 

I can imagine a new biodynamic association forming, a Life Body, reflecting an association of individuals, who bring their skills and capacities into free relationship with one another through the power of enthusiasm.  We never agree on all things biodynamic in detail, but I do see individuals coming together in support of something greater than any one of us.  Free association and collaboration will be the signature of this movement, celebrating individual progress and the growth of community.

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