I invite your participation in Biodynamics2024 through shares rather than subscription.

After being involved in the not-for-profit sector for over thirty years I have established Biodynamics2024 Pty Ltd as a vehicle to continue the promotion and support for the ongoing adoption and development of biodynamics in Australia.  I welcome your participation, however purchasing shares is not a requirement for buying the biodynamic preparations.

Make a tax deductible donation (PDF).

Horn Shares provide the resource to acquire horns to make the biodynamic preparations, see APPLICATION FOR HORN SHARES June 2011

Company shares provide the resource to establish and equip the company APPLICATION FOR F CLASS SHARES July 2011

The democratic expectations inherent within not-for-profit membership organisations are rarely, if ever, fulfilled once the membership numbers grow beyond a number where it is possible and practical to regularly meet eyeball to eyeball and soul to soul. This abstraction of the membership process often leads to political power play and bureaucratisation so everyone can cover their butt.  In many contemporary membership organisations there is a high turnover, or churn, of membership which is also costly to manage.  Most members are not interested in the management and legal details of their organisation; they only want to know it is in good hands and providing high quality manifestation of the objectives. Boards are usually elected by a minority of member votes (sometimes with only a quorum of votes) and the individuals brought together on such boards do not always share the same passions or priorities.

After 3 decades in not-for-profit organisations I feel there is a need to move to a more dynamic business model that fosters greater individual initiative and accountability.   I also believe that while the practice of biodynamics is a very individual affair – each individual finding their own relationship to biodynamic principles and practices – it will undermine the potential if the cultivation of biodynamics is divorced from spiritual scientific research and represents only another natural scientific concept of agriculture.

Biodynamics2024 will hold open Annual General Meetings where the activities and accounts will be presented for discussion.  These events will be used as an opportunity to shape biodynamic work within the context of Rudolf Steiner’s Threefold Social Order.

The objectives of Biodynamics2024:

  • Achieve biodynamics as the farming method of choice in Australia by 2024
  • Promote the Spiritual Development of Agriculture initiated by Rudolf Steiner in 8 lectures given in 1924, now known as The Agriculture Course and subsequently branded biodynamics
  • Assist the development of Agri-Culture as a viable and environmentally sound community resource
  • Promote biodynamics in nutrition
  • Foster generational equity by maintaining the culture of farming and gardening for future generations
  • Promote and carry out research to support the above objective
  • Develop associative economic relationships with organisations having  similar intentions.

Hamish Mackay

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