Introduction to Biodynamics


These workshops are applicable for commercial farm operators and garden enthusiasts who want to know about biodynamics. You will learn the language of biodynamics and how to start when you get home.
You will be introduce to the biodynamic preparations and how they contribute to the soil food web creating fertility and balance in your soil with regenerative ecological outcomes.
Date Event Location
21 Sep 2013 Introduction to Biodynamics: Mulloon Creek Natural Farm Bungendore, NSW
14 Oct 2013 Introduction to Biodynamics: CFA Centre Bannockburn, VIC


Biodynamics Management and Planning


The Biodynamics Management and Planning workshop is suitable for past students who all ready have an understanding of biodynamics and would like to further their knowledge on the biodynamics calendar. Your will learn about: Climate risk management | Production Management | Planning of Application.
Date Event Location
22 Sep 2013 Biodynamics Management and Planning: Mulloon Creek Natural Farm Bungendore, NSW


Advanced Biodynamic Practices


There is a growing number of biodynamic practitioners who are developing their knowledge, skills and practices in various fields of agriculture, horticulture and viticulture. This event will be participant oriented focusing on the questions and observations of the group. To attend you must have used the biodynamic preparations for at least one year.
Date Event Location
23 Sep 2013 Advanced Biodynamic Practices: Mulloon Creek Natural Farm Bungendore, NSW


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