Biodynamic workshops are 2-day events that introduce you to the terminology of biodynamics, and the foundation practices. My intention: when you leave the workshop, you can start with biodynamics immediately on your return home – and you will be able to have meaningful discourse with other biodynamic practitioners around the globe.  My workshops provide the theoretical and practical starting point, connection to your support network, and encouragement for your journey.  The real learning arises from your own experience of using the biodynamic preparations and your observations.

The video below offers a very brief insight into the diverse range of participants and things they found inspiring and practical.

The two-day biodynamic courses provide:

Introduction to natural science and spiritual science as worldviews

  • The life in the soil, the Soil Foodweb
  • The biodynamic field and compost preparations, their purpose and how to use them
  • Controlling weeds, pests and diseases using biodynamic practices
  • The Astro Calendar and its use to enhance yields and quality

These biodynamic workshops are a collaboration with Arnott Education and are held across Australia on a regular basis. 

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Masterclass Course: Biodynamics With Charlie Arnott and Hamish Mackay:

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