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The aim of this website is to promote biodynamic agriculture so that it becomes the farming method of choice in Australia by 2024. This site acts a portal to all kinds of information, ideas and other sites about what’s going on in biodynamics in Australia.

I encourage you to explore these and gain a perspective on the many manifestations of biodynamics. This site is not about repeating what others are doing well already. The objective of this website is to give context to my work in Australia and provide access to biodynamic education and biodynamic preparations. This is the third time I have been involved in changing Australian agriculture and my experience is that it takes 20 – 30 years.

My objective is that biodynamics be the farming method of choice in Australia by 2024. 

Connection to County

Settler generations, living in Australia, need to grasp that all indigenous knowledge is a living understanding of integrated systems and relationships, all indigenous Culture is sacred, Country is sacred. Belonging to this Country, as an empowered individual, can only be affirmed by living a positive, productive, healthy and non-destructive life. We need to develop capacities in spiritual scientific AgriCulture, a deeper relationship to Country, a truthful recognition of indigenous sciences and integrated relational practices. Biodynamics can help achieve a shared language and collaboratively restore and progress the well-being of this land and all peoples who make it home. 

Biodynamics as a regenerative agriculture

Broadly speaking, Regenerative Agriculture is a system of principles and practices focusing on increased biodiversity, enriched soils, improved watersheds, and enhance ecosystems. I increasingly refer to biodynamic agriculture as a transformative agriculture, in recognition of the Earth as a living Being who has its own developmental path we need to understanding and support


Biodynamic introductory workshops are 2-day events that introduce you to the terminology of biodynamics and its foundation practices.

My intention: when you leave the workshop, you can start with biodynamics immediately on your return home – and you will be able to have meaningful discourse with other biodynamic practitioners around the globe.  My workshops provide the theoretical and practical starting point, connection to your support network, and encouragement for your journey.  The real learning arises from your own experience of using the biodynamic preparations and your observations.

The two-day courses provide:

  • Introduction to natural science and spiritual science as worldviews
  • The life in the soil, the Soil Foodweb
  • The biodynamic field and compost preparations, their purpose and how to use them
  • Controlling weeds, pests and diseases using biodynamic practices
  • The Astro Calendar and its use to enhance yields and quality

These workshops are a collaboration with Arnott Education and are held across Australia on a regular basis. 

What do people say about these worshops?

Listen to these insights from a diverse range of participants and things they found inspiring and practical.

A portal to other biodynamic sites

On this site, you will find links to other biodynamic sites that provide details about biodynamic preparations and practices. Have a browse!


Charlie Arnott biodynamic workshops

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Biodynamic Associations around the world

Biodynamic Preparations

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Agri-Culture and Food

Biodynamics2024 strives towards a broader understanding of soil cultivation and its importance for human nutrition. We only have one Earth; we are all dependent on water, air and light. Working together, we can achieve a viable, sustainable world, which provides our physical and mental nutrition, supports growers caring for the land, and respects generational equity.

Growing the Solution

There is growing attention being directed to the environment and climate change. It is the farmers and gardeners who have greatest opportunity to restore soil moisture, regenerate the environment and reverse the build up of carbon dioxide.

Growing the Solution – Regenerate our Soils, the Climate & Human Health (PDF)

Biodynamic Agriculture as a Global Solution to Climate Change

The econcomic case for the contribution biodynamic growers can make to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is clear. View http://bio-agriculture.org/ and see the benefits for farmers and the world community.

Biodynamics2024 Pty Ltd – about the company

For an outline of the objectives, structure and associative direction of the company, please read about the company (PDF).

For case studies on landscape regeneration in practice

visit http://www.soilsforlife.org.au/

Need Help with your preparation spraying?

For NSW and Victoria contact Shane Martin, Nungra Gardens. 0421 228 499.

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