Wodonga Park Project

The Wodonga Park Project 

A socially responsible investment in biodynamic farming and education

I have been a passionate advocate of Biodynamic Agri-Culture for 40 years for 2 very good reasons.

  1. Biodynamics is a proven method of farming that underpins the profitable production of nutritious food while generating a healthy balanced ecosystem.
  2. Biodynamics aligns the benefit of land stewardship and generational equity with the interests of ethical investors – that is sustainably generated profits.

Wodonga Park is a certified biodynamic farm successfully growing fruit and nuts for the past 20 years.  My aim is to both expand the production and profitability of this well situated property in SE Queensland and establish a vibrant centre for biodynamic education to continue and extend the work I do under the Biodynamics2024 banner.

May I offer you this opportunity to join me and invest in such a worthwhile project.  I guarantee it will meet the objectives of socially responsible investment and triple bottom line criteria – regenerate the land and environment, advance social and human wellbeing and produce sound financial returns.

I have attached the Wodonga Park Project brochure to provide you with important and detailed information.  Please pass this on to others who you think would be interested in investing in this exciting new venture.

I look forward to hearing from you should you need anything else.  You can contact me, on 02 6657 5270


Hamish Mackay

Wodonga Park Project

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