The BioAgriculture Soil Carbon Sequestration Project

The BioAgriculture Soil Carbon Sequestration Project – How you can be part of the solution to global Climate change

While the political debate on carbon and the environment continues further into tragedy territory Biodynamics2024 is supporting the work of Bio-Agriculture Ltd to acquire and operate state of the art carbon measuring equipment to track the carbon sequestration potential on biodynamic and organic farms.

Bio-Agriculture has been keeping all federal politicians updated on their work and have received only words in support, no action.  Bio-Agriculture Ltd has now purchased soil measuring  equipment so action can commence in the spring and is now seeking tax benefit donations to fund this work.  The work will be done in association with the CSIRO and the DAFF Soil Carbon Research Program (SCaRP).

Biodynamics2024 will be participate in this project and I ask your help in raising tax benefit (Australian) donations to support the purchase this machinery and carry out trials.

see Bio-Agriculture for a tax benefit donation form

Thank you


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