Welcome to Biodynamics2024 and thank you for being here! 

Biodynamics is the first modern, intentional form of organic farming and all about regenerating soil, waterways, natural habitat, and human health, while growing enhanced-quality food and fibre.

Biodynamics recognises every farm and garden as a complete organism and dynamic interplay between earth, plant, animal and human beings, while working with moon and other planetary influences (a spiritual science).

The objective of this website is to place Biodynamics2024 in an Australian context, and to give you access to my work in biodynamic education, workshops, resources and to the ‘biodynamic preparations’.

My name is Hamish Mackay and I’ve been a biodynamic farmer and educator for over 50 years. You can find out more about me in this interview with farming colleague Charlie Arnott or read my biography.

What is Biodynamics?

Biodynamics began as a response to a request made to the philosopher and scientist Rudolf Steiner in 1921 by 111 farmers who were concerned about degraded soil conditions and a deterioration in the health and quality of crops and livestock resulting from the use of chemical fertilisers. They sought a new relationship to their land and farming practices – something many of us would identify with today.

To achieve this, we need to overcome the ‘disengagement’ created by technological, chemical processes that relegate farmers to the role of bystander or input-client and commodify the Earth as a mere resource.

How can Biodynamics help me?

By putting you, the practitioner, at the creative centre of your enterprise.  Think of your farm or garden as an orchestra and yourself as the conductor; you engage with and connect all the elements – earth, plant, animals, humans, cosmos into one integrated, active relationship. I can provide you with an approach to cultivation and food production that supports this.

When we experience art – a painting, performance, literature or music – we experience soul nourishment that lives on after the event and reminds us of our humanity. It strengthens our imagination, inspires and encourages and supports us when we face challenges, but each of us takes away something unique and personal.

In the same way, biodynamics inspires and strengthens your individual ‘take on’ farming, unique to your circumstances and enterprise. It equips and encourages you to make your experiences, and harness your insight on how to apply biodynamics suited to your individual situation.

Getting started

The most important thing is to just get started.

It is a common experience that people leave biodynamic workshops with a greater sense of joy, enthusiasm, confidence in their own potential, and in the potential of a community of colleagues – I would like to share this experience with you.

Confidence in a community of peers is vital as many challenges we face now, and will face into the future, cannot be solved individually or in isolation. By building networks of growers and consumers we can choose to nurture social awareness.  Gatherings of people engaged in biodynamics are nearly always a festive event, a celebration of individual progress and community building.

In this spirit, please explore the links to other biodynamic sites for further details about biodynamic preparations and practices and build your own perspective on the many manifestations of biodynamics.

This website is not about repeating what others are already doing well, but to contribute to a global AgriCultural movement that draws on both natural science and spiritual science in the context of the country we live on.

So, let’s get started!