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Phil Sedgman, CEO of Living Water Flowforms spent 20 years in Tasmania exploring the natural environment and farming the land, during which time his love of nature and inquiring mind led him to Biodynamics.  Intrigued by Flowforms, he became acquainted with moulds, forms and plugs and developed his own Flowform design in 1996.
Still struck by the magic, he wishes to impart this to you as a method of enhancing water and giving it life.  He now conducts Flowform lectures and workshops in Australia and occasionally overseas.
Flowform International Ltd is developing the Flowform® brand worldwide with a global group, some of whom have been colleagues for many years and others who have joined our Healing Water™ endeavour more recently.
We are also active in not-for-profit charities, our Healing Water Institutes in UK, NZ and USA.
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