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Biodynamics is now practised in many parts of the world.  About 60 farmers attended the lecture course Rudolf Steiner gave at Koberwitz in 1924 under the title The spiritual foundations for the development of agriculture. One could imagine that these 60 individuals each heard 60 different lectures and then went out and worked on what they understood they had heard.  Thus it is no surprise that by 2011 there are many differing views and biodynamic practices that have been developed since 1924.

Below are a number of websites put together by different groups and I encourage you to acquaint yourself with as many as time permits and then go out into your garden or farm and start doing something that has made sense to you.  I can confidently report that after 38 years of involvement in this movement I have seen and heard many different approaches to implementing biodynamics – bio-dynamics to some, as there is no agreement even as to the spelling of the word – and even the most extraordinary have provided the practitioners with some development in their agriculture.

The most important thing is to start.

Preparation quantities

An issue I feel drawn to comment on is the quantities of preparations being used.  Again, there is no agreement and the quantities I recommend and use as the basis for preparation sales are arrived at having regard to feedback from many Australian farmers and a concern that there will be enough to go around.  Horns are very scarce in Australia so we will be challenged to use the higher quantities of Horn Manure recommended in some other parts of the world. The most important thing is that you use the quantities you feel appropriate in your circumstances.  You can just order more or less according to your need.

In the Bio-Dynamic Agricultural (UK) edition of Agriculture in the Supplement pp 165/166 it is reported that when questioned about the number of horns required for the Koberwitz estate, Rudolf Steiner astonished his listeners by saying “that once it was all in working order, probably no more than 150 horns would be needed for this land”.  I calculate this to work out at about 4 gram per hectare. Like many things in the Agriculture Course this will have to be tried.  I am confident that in Australian conditions we will be using much less Horn Manure per hectare in the future.  But for now use the quantities you feel comfortable with.

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If you have not read the Agriculture Course I highly recommend you do so and then explore these interesting websites.

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